1   Simulation of the mounting process of a metal clip - Non-linear material and contact update

J. van Delden, R. Handel, MAHLE GmbH

2   sage of contact update in gearbox calculation

K. Drazdil, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

3   Dynamic simulation with non-linear damping devices

V. Le Gallo, Ariane Group; J. Marchesini, L. Dastugue, INTES France

4  PERMAS Version 17

M. Ast, INTES GmbH

5   VisPER Version 6

O. Sommer, INTES GmbH

6   Making PERMAS model assembly effective using VisPER

M. Klein, O. Sommer, INTES GmbH

7   take module optimization from multi-physical analyses

L. Legot, M. Henner, N. François, VALEO Thermal Systems; J. Marchesini, L. Dastugue, INTES France

8   Multidisciplinary optimization of aero-engine compressor and turbine components

T. Lengyel-Kampmann, DLR Institute of Propulsion Technology

9   Software-assisted design check for additive manufactured components

J. Tominski, St. Lammers, Paderborn University, Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC)

10   Topology optimization to maximize the dynamic input stiffness of a coach structure

N. Kuppuswamy, P. J. Eberle, G. Steinmetz, Daimler Buses; A. Schünemann, INTES GmbH

11   Fan design based on multi-parameters sampling process with PERMAS/VisPER

M. Henner, B, Demory, VALEO Thermal Systems; K. Gokpi, J. Marchesini, INTES

12   Efficient design creation and validation

R. Fischer, Chr. Wulf, TY. Wang, INTES GmbH

13   Modal correlation of a brake caliper - boundary conditions optimization

Zd. Podzemný, Porsche Engineering Services; S. Carvajal, Porsche AG

14   Simulation of contact between cam lobe and tube of assembled camshafts using module CAU;

W. Krepulat, F. Mohr, MAHLE GmbH

15   Design and validation of a piston pin in composite material

P. Spola, M. Morone, Altran

16   Laminate optimization capabilities applied to a racing car monocoque

M. Kinscher, Porsche AG; Chr. Wulf, INTES GmbH

17   Rake and drive-head design for a thickener used in the treatment of acid mine drainage: A case of displacements large and small

R. Minnaar, Advanced Struct. Mechanics

18   The PERMAS-DIGIMAT interface - Accurate structural analysis of reinforced plastic components

R. Handel, J. van Delden, T. Kaiser, MAHLE GmbH

19   A study about solid rivet model considering shear resistance mechanism and pretension force

M. Shimozono, INTES Japan